Groupe Jesus and Mary ...Toujours Prêts!

The Scouting Movement

The JM Guides and Scouts are affiliated with the Associations of the Guides and Scouts of Lebanon respectively. They are divided into five units:
* The “Farandoles”: Girls of Elementary I Division
* The Brownies and Cub scouts: Students of Elementary I and II Divisions
* The Guides and Scouts: Students of Elementary II and Intermediate Divisions
* The “Caravelles”: Girls of 1st and 2nd Secondary
* The “Jeunes en Marche” (JEM): Girls of 3rd Secondary
The various groups meet regularly and have outings and camps throughout the year.

 Groupe Journee BP


Scouts Camp Pacques 10 Scouts Camp Pacques 5
Scouts Camp Pacques 7 Scouts Camp Pacques 14Farandoles Journee BP 3


Jeannettes (Grades 3 - 4 – 5) Activities    
Jeannettes JM CampNoel SessionSpirituel Jeannettes JM CampSiSouTroisieme  

Jeannettes JM CampSiSouTroisieme TravailManuel

Jeannettes JM EscapeTheRoom  
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