Elementary II Principal

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Mrs. Yasmine Chartouni
Elementary II Division Principal

Dear Students,

Welcome to the EII family! I hope you will enjoy your new environment and this year’s program and activities, and that this will inspire you to give your best throughout the year.

I trust you will try your hardest and hope you will be happy with your results. Please remember, though, that the report card can only give you some very specific information about your performance in certain skills and subjects, but it cannot possibly say everything about who you are and what you have achieved. There is so much more to describe who you are that cannot be measured by tests or shown in report cards.

 I'd like you, your family, friends and teachers to remember all of what it is that makes you the special person you are: your personality, your trustworthiness, your thoughtfulness, your kindness, your helpfulness, your determination, your persistence, your sense of humor, your smile…

And most importantly, remember that you are priceless in Our Lord’s eyes:


“You are precious in my eyes … and I love you.”


Isaiah 43:4a