Code of Ethics for JM Educators

Principle I     : Commitment to Students

Principle II    : Commitment to Parents

Principle III  : Commitment to the Community

Principle IV  : Commitment to the Profession

Principle V    : Commitment to Ourselves

Principle I: Commitment to Students
As JM educators, we are called to:
Uphold the Catholic character of our school.
Put the well-being of our students first, respecting their rights and serving their needs.
Provide a safe learning environment for our students and protect them from abuse.
Respect student uniqueness.
Develop the student knowledge and understanding of the subject we teach.
Speak with charity and justice about students.

Principle II: Commitment to Parents
As JM educators, we will:
Keep parents informed of the curriculum, policies and methods of instruction.
Develop activities to enhance family life as well as home-school relationship.
Respect privacy and confidentiality of information.
Report to parents their child’s progress with accuracy and honesty.

Principle III: Commitment to the Community
As JM educators, we are called to:
Model peaceful solutions to community conflicts.
Encourage a spirit of cooperation and avoid the extremes in competition.
Develop student potential for constructive leadership.
Provide opportunities for making responsible choices.
Reflect the philosophy of the school in our attitudes and actions.
Uphold the reputation of students, parents, and staff members.
Support the decisions of our Catholic Bishops and those who work to develop Catholic Education.

Principle IV: Commitment to the Profession
As JM educators, we are called to:
Witness to the Christian faith.
Refrain from using the school as a platform for beliefs which are not in accord with the school vision or Church teaching.
Preserve the reputation of colleagues, administrators, and students.
Safeguard the exchange of confidential information.
Support educators new to a position and/or to the school.
Educate for excellence, challenging all students to achieve high standards.
Place a high value on professional development.
Contribute to wider educational development in our society.

Principle V: Commitment to Ourselves
As JM educators, we are called to:
Deepen our understanding of the teachings of Christ and his Church.
Strive to live by values of truth, honesty, justice, goodness, love, and respect for others.
Sustain our physical and mental health, and strive for balance in our work, recreation, emotions and self-development.
Act as role models both inside and outside of school.